mylux point.1040.1040
Eligibility : All Luxino members


Luxino :
Points to Cash Exchange
300 Points : MYR 1
500 Points : MYR 2
1000 Points : MYR 5
3000 Points : MYR 20


How to get Points?
1. Member can obtain points through Daily check-in or by placing bets in Luxino. (Bet MYR 3 = 1 points).
2. Points can only be used to redeem rewards within Reward page.
3. After logging in, members can view their current Points on the Home page at any time.


Points Rules :
Earn points : Earn points by completing Quests or playing Lucky Box and Lucky Card on the Reward page.
Points usage : Points can be used to redeem game credit or commodities in the Reward page.
Points validity period : No expiration


Terms & Conditions :
1. Reward page is a free benefit provided by Luxino to all members.
2. Reward page products can only be exchanged with Points, and cannot be obtained in other forms such as cash.
3. For redemptions, Member need to leave the correct address, phone number and recipient on Reward page, and Luxino will be responsible for free shipping worldwide.
4. By using the services provided by Reward page, they agree to and abide by these rules and terms.
5. Luxino reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend,or terminate the promotion and/or change the terms of the promotion at any time without prior notice.